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Bernh. Botolfsen Import AS importerer det meste som finnes av frisk frukt og grønnsaker – direkte – fra alle verdenshjørner, og sammen med det vi tar inn fra våre norske leverandører, selger vi hvert år store kvantum med frukt og grønt av ypperste kvalitet til våre kunder.

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Exciting and colourful fruits from far away!

As with all fruit, the exotic varieties, with their fantastic colours and their ”somewhat different” taste, contain a number of nutrients. For many, pitahaya and rambutan will be new and unfamiliar names. This may also be the case for litchi, even though the fruit has been used in China for over 4000 years. From countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Kenya and China we make sure we receive the best our suppliers can acquire when it comes to exotic products. We recommend that everyone gets to know this diversity, adding a little extra to a dessert or a salad.

Botolfsen’s special selection exotic

Selection exotic

  • Litchi
  • Pitahaya
  • Physalis
  • Pasjonsfrukt
  • Minimais
  • Kumquat
  • Fiken
  • Papaya
  • Rambutan
  • Sharon / Kaki / Percimmon
  • Granateple
  • Mangostan
  • Tamarillo
  • Carambola
  • Kiwano
  • Krydder, løs vekt:
    • Basilikum
    • Timian
    • Rosmarin
    • Mynte
    • Gressløk
    • Estragon
  • Gresskar
    • Flaske
  • Muscat